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Known as Japan’s singing ambassador, MIOU is a talented singer and song writer with a flair for fashion.

Having achieved the award for the “Asian Top Fashion Singer of the Year 2011” in Dalian, China,

and for the “Asia Pacific Inspirational Woman Award 2014” in Singapore, MIOU has been performing worldwide on various international stages.

When she takes the stage to sing, MIOU transforms it into a sight to behold.

She is always clad in assembles that create trails of followers.

MIOU brings Japan to the world through her music, preserving and sharing the beauty of traditional Japanese culture.

While maintaining her own cultural identity, she fuses Japanese traditional sound with modern western beats to create an “East Meets West” CROSSOVER.

MIOU moves to the tunes of the Land of the Rising Sun!



  • 2008 Sky Aquarium at Roppongi Hills 52nd Floor, Tokyo (Japan)

  • 2009 Japan Film Festival at Basilica di Santa Croce, St Stefano Church, Florence (Italy)

  • 2010 Romics, Rome (Italy) Main Stage

  • 2010 Manhunt International (Taiwan)

  • 2010 Princess Casino (St. Martin)

  • 2011 Dalian International Cherry Blossom Festival (China)

  • 2011 Charity BAZAR for East Japan Earthquake at Embassy of Kuwait (Japan)

  • 2011 Break Girls Festival at AKASAKA BLITZ (Japan)

  • 2011 MIPEL-100 years anniversary at Villa Borromeo Milan (Italy)

  • 2012 CHINGAY PARADE (Singapore)

  • 2013 French Tuesdays (Bastille day celebration) at Shangri-La Hotel (Japan)

  • 2013 Hyper Japan (UK)

  • 2013 LOVE ME Fashion Party at il Gattopardo Cafe Milano (Italy)

  • 2013 Costa Blanca Fashion Week (Spain)

  • 2014 Asia Pacific Inspirational Women Award at SICC (Singapore)

  • 2014 Middle East Film and Comic Con at World Trade Centre Dubai (UAE) Main Stage

  • 2014 Ritz Carlton Hotel Tokyo (Japan) 

  • 2014 Hyper Japan - Earls Court London (UK)

  • 2015 Carrara Show (Italy) Main Stage

  • 2015 Milano Manga Festival (Italy) Main Stage

  • 2015 MIOU in Concerto at Palazzo Bocconi (Italy)

  • 2015 Art to Play (France) Main Stage

  • 2016 JAPAN EXPO Paris (France) SAKURA Stage(Traditional Japanese Culture Stage)

  • 2016 HYPER JAPAN London (UK) Main Stage

  • 2016 Etna Comics Sicily(Italy) Main Stage

  • 2016 Art to Play (France)

  • 2016 AFI World Peace Initiative-Festival de Cannes @ Intercontinental Carlton Hotel Cannes (France)

  • 2016 SIGEF-United Nations COP22 @ Palais des Congres de Marrakech (Morocco)

  • 2017 AFI international-Festival de Cannes @ Majestic Hotel

  • 2016 Etna Comics Sicily  (Italy) Main Stage

  • 2017 Hyper Japan London (UK) Main Stage

  • 2017 Japan Matsuri (France) Main Stage

  • 2018 Festival dell’Oriente (Italy)

  • 2018 Silk Road Foundation Conference at Imperial Hotel Tokyo (Japan)

  • 2018 MIOU 10th Anniversary Concert at Square Ebara,Hiratsuka Hall Tokyo, (Japan)

  • 2019 SIGEF-SDGs Global Conference at Tokyo Prince Hotel (Japan)

  • 2020 SIGEF-SDGs Global Conference, Davos (Online)

  • 2022 JZ Brat Sound of Tokyo-Solo Concert at Cerulean Tower Tokyo(Japan)

  • 2022 Solo Concert at Tokyo Tower(Japan)

  • 2022 Japan Matsuri (France) Main Stage

  • 2023 Middle East Film and Comic Con at ADNEC Abu Dhabi (UAE) Main Stage

  • 2023 MIOU 15th Anniversary Concert at JZ Brat Sound of Tokyo(Japan)

  • 2023 London Fashion Week, SMGlobal Catwalk Gala(UK)

  • 2023 Paris Fashion Week, SMGlobal Catwalk Gala(France)

  • 2023 Japan Matsuri (France) Main Stage

  • 2023 Japan Manga Wave Strasbourg (France)

  • 2024 London Fashion Week, SMGlobal Catwalk Gala(UK)

  • 2024 Milano Fashion Week, SMGlobal Catwalk Gala(Italy)

  • 2024 Paris Fashion Week, SMGlobal Catwalk Gala(France)

  • 2024 London Anime&Gaming Con(UK)


  • 2011 Fashion Asia Award

    Grand Prix in Singer Category as Asian Top Fashion Singer of the Year in Dalian (China)

  • 2014 Asia Pacific Inspirational Women Award-Diamond Queen Award at Singapore Island Country Club (Singapore)


    • 2006 Miss Tourism Queen of the year International (Malaysia)

    • 2006 Miss Bikini International(China)

    • 2010 Miss Supranational (Poland)

    • 2010 Bride of the world (Singapore)

    • 2010 Miss Progress International(Italy)

    • 2011 Miss Motors International(Italy)

    • 2012 Miss United Nations(US)

    • 2013 Mrs Top of the World (Latvia)

    • 2017 Mrs World Peace(Philippines)


• MANDALA Minami Aoyama Tokyo (Japan)
• J’Z BRAT-Tokyu Cerulean Tower Tokyo (Japan)

• PALAZZO BOCCONI, Milan (Italy)
• Square Ebara Hiratsuka Hall (Japan)


• FIAT SPACE Tokyo (Japan)



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